Sunday, January 13, 2019

Video Surveillance Technology For Many Organizations

Video Surveillance is an important emerging technology for many organizations:

  • Hospitals need to make surveillance easier for security personnel
  • Schools need to provide a secure environment for students and employees in the face of theft, vandalism, and unfortunately, violence;
  • Municipal, State and Federal facilities, from administrative centers to national monuments have become potential security targets;
  • Industrial installations demand that assets are secured and operations managed in a safe environment for staff and customers; and
  • Office buildings must protect confidential data and valuable content, not to mention the safety and security of the people who work there.

A network-centric video surveillance infrastructure that supports video transmission, monitoring, recording, and management with access to surveillance video at any time and from any place enables real-time incident response, investigation, and resolution. It is imperative to understand critical business and technical requirements to ensure video quality and reliable capture, and scalability for future advancements and business needs.

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