Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Is Designed To Inspire

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a game-changer for educators, students, artists, graphic design, and many more with a need to communicate visually and digitally. It is almost like second nature in that with the touchscreen and other features is much like using your cellphone. Your ideas at light speed. Bring big ideas to life with a performance that fuels processor-intensive software. Edit stunning photographs. Run circles around renders. Create rich 3D graphics for every reality. Create in new ways. Whether illustrating a book or designing a virtual world, your creativity leaps off the 28” PixelSense Display touchscreen with 13.5 million pixels of true-to-life color. Designed to inspire. Complete your creative space with a clean, modern design. One hand can tilt the display weightlessly from upright to the perfect drafting table angle. Innovation that ignites your ideas. Your creativity and productivity come together with Surface Studio 2, Office 365, and intuitive tools designed to unleash a natural, seamless flow of your ideas. Create by having the screen at your best angle, whether you work at 20 degrees down in Studio Mode or upright in Desktop Mode. See more about our IT services at https://hcgi.com/ and you can email us at info@hcgi.com, or better yet, give us a call at 410-202-8042. HCGi - We Get IT.

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