Sunday, September 5, 2021

Academia and Industry Team Up To Combat Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities | Intel Business

You may have played capture the flag as a kid, but did you know it’s a term that also applies to cybersecurity? Capture the flag (CTF) events ask teams to hack into devices in order to detect vulnerabilities.

In this episode of Cyber Security Inside, Camille Morhardt gets into the details with Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, who is a professor at TU Darmstadt in Germany, and JV Rajendran, an assistant professor at Texas A&M. A fascinating discussion that you should definitely check out.

You’ll learn:

- The meaning and history of “capture the flag” (CTF) in the digital realm, especially as it applies to hardware security
- The structure of a CTF event and the kinds of tools and resources made available to participating teams
- How people are trained to look for vulnerabilities, and how they might look for those even without a CTF event
- The various classes of vulnerabilities, and why the trend of replicating them exists in the first place
- How the pandemic has impacted CTF
- And more

Give it a listen now!

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