Thursday, July 21, 2022

AppDynamics Cloud launches at Cisco Live

Cisco debuts AppDynamics' all-new observability platform that cuts through the complexity of modern applications to give technologists a seamless, unified view of their cloud native technology landscape.

We’re excited to introduce AppDynamics Cloud to the world at Cisco Live this week. Our innovative new observability solution will be available June 28, and I’d like to share why we’re thrilled about this incredible milestone in AppDynamics’ journey.

Our new AppDynamics Cloud solution is purpose-built to observe distributed and dynamic cloud native applications at scale. It’s built on a foundation that embraces industry standards such as  OpenTelemetry™, an emerging standard for data collection that reduces friction between service owners and SREs, DevOps and developers enabling teams to visualize and measure application performance from multiple data sources collaboratively.

AppDynamics Cloud gives technologists a correlated view of all telemetry data across their entire cloud native landscape. It’s an entirely new observability solution that coexists with our traditional AppDynamics offering and is an essential component of Cisco’s full-stack observability platform.

But before we dive deeper into AppDynamics Cloud, let’s take a closer look at why we developed this innovative observability solution for our cloud native customers.

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