Friday, April 26, 2019

Simple, Scalable, Secure, Consistent.

A Crestron Partnership for Success at Your Campus: Simple, Scalable, Secure, Consistent


Join Crestron for a discussion about technology solutions for your campus. Learn about how Crestron's emerging technology in audio, video, unified communications and enterprise management can provide you with flexible solutions to managing your campus's portfolio of spaces.

Learn about the Crestron A+ Education Program and the latest Crestron hardware and software innovations including DigitalMedia™ NVX, AirMedia® 2.0, Crestron XiO Cloud™ (2018 Microsoft Global IoT Partner of the Year), 3-Series® Media Presentation Controller, and Crestron Flex solutions.

Install. Configure. Learn.

Crestron is one of our valuable solution providers to help our clients have the best services that HCGi can provide.

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