Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Samsung 75” Flip 3 Interactive Display

What is Samsung Flip 3?

Samsung Flip 3 is a powerful education solution that delivers interactive learning experiences. Developed specifically for the education market, Flip 3 provides educators with boundless resources and flexibility to create engaging lessons for a new era of learning. Flip 3 features immersive touchscreen and input technologies, enabling simultaneous multi-user writing to provide increased involvement while learning. To get the most out of Flip 3’s powerful hardware, students and teachers can access both trusted, embedded content or preferred third-party software. Samsung’s latest technology enables secure environments, while faster hardware increases student engagement. Power seamless learning experiences for everyone with Samsung Flip 3.

Create and solve without limits

Interactions are intuitively built for problem solving and creating. Use any object near you as a stylus to bring your ideas to life. Flip 3 distinguishes between inputs from thin or thick objects to simulate on-screen writing and highlighting. Or simply erase content with your finger or palm.

How does the Flip transform the classroom?

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